Sky Motel (Henderson, NV)

Sky Motel (Henderson, NV) – It took me a long time to uncover the history of this sign, but when I finally found something it was definitely worth the wait.  This sign is essentially a retread.  It was first built in 1964 for the Sky Motel’s next door neighbor, the Skyline Casino.  Here’s a postcard showing how it looked back then (thanks CardCow).  Then in 1988, after 24 years of service, this perfectly good pole sign was decommissioned by the Skyline Casino in favor of something bigger, uglier and much less interesting.  Thankfully, the Sky Motel had enough sense to recondition the sign for their own use, saving it from the scrap heap.  These days, the sign is in need of some maintenance, but if you look close enough the badly peeling orange paint is starting to reveal its past.  The ghosts of the ‘S’ from Skyline and the ‘R’ from Restaurant are visible in the now exposed raw metal.  Take another look at the postcard image and then back at the one above.  You will see what I mean.

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